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Special Inkjet Cancellations

Thanks to the British Postmark Society for permission to use some of their images. The society website is available at www.britishpostmarksociety.org.uk and has a wealth of information on special event, slogan and other postmarks. You can access the society by clicking here. Please do mention the NI Philatelic Society website if you do make contact with the society.

We are trying to build up a database of inages so please do send us a copy of any that you are happy to be included within this listing.

Father's Day Inkjet- 1-8 June 2010  
Moving Home 17-21 June 2010 Moving Home  
Beilieve in Children, Barnardo's
22-28 June 2010
Beilieve in Children, Barnardo's  
Going Away?
No Image Available - Yet! Do you have one? Used late at Cumbria IMPEX1 L 6 Jly
Post Office, travel Insurance
Re-used 30 Jun-7?July2010
Reused 26 July-2?Aug 2010
PO Travel Insurance A strange printer error occured at Bristol at least over 2-9 July 2010 resulting in undulating cancellations.
PO Foreign Currency,
Re-used 7-15 July2010
PO Foreign Currency
A wobbly Bristol IMP, 09.July 2010
Post Office Travel Money
Used 15-26? July
Reused 2-16Aug 2010

Post Office Travel Money

PO Travel Money

Used at all offices except Cumbria in July 2010
Going Away? Use Royal Mail Keep Safe Service Going Away Unknown Use - so far?
Free Cash Withdrawls
Reused 16 Aug - 1Sep 2010
Reused 15-22 Sep2010
Reused 24Sept-1 Oct 2010
No Image Available - Yet! Do you have one?  
Believe in Children,
Used 1-15Sept 2010
Believe in Children
Southampton IMP2 reverted to the 4 line block at least over the period 3-25 Sept 2010.
Whizz-Kids Blue Peter Appeal,
22-24 Sept 2010
Send a Winning Christmas Card
13th-29th Nov 2010
Send a Winning Christmas Card  
It's Christmas Time!
1st-31st Dec 2010
Its Christmas Time  






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