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Special Event Handstamps - Jane Austen Postmarks

The Special Event postmarks as notified in Postmark Bulletin 42/2, 25th January 2013.

12783 12784 12785  
L12783-21Feb2013 L12784-21Feb2013 L12785-22Feb2013
12786 12787 12788  
L12786-22Feb2013 L12787-22Feb2013 M12788-21Feb2013  
12789 12790 12791  
M12789-22Feb2013 W12790-21Feb2013 W12791-21Feb2013  
FD1304TH FD1304PL FD1304NP  
FD1304TH-20Feb2013 FD1304PL-20Feb2013 FD1304NP-20Feb2013  
FD1305TH FD1305PL FD1305NP  
Note this appears in the bulletin the same as 1305PL. Usually there is a difference and this may be incorrect.
FD1305PL-21Feb2013 FD1305NP-21Feb2013  
FD1306TH FD1306POL FD1306NP  
FD1306TH-22Feb2013 FD1306PL-22Feb2013 FD1306NP-22Feb2013  






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