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New Zealand - Back of the Book, a member's display, given to the Lagan Valley Philatelic Society.

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Officials, 1891-1906 & 1907-11

1908-09, 1910, 1910-26, 1913-25 1915-27, George V Heads & 1927 Admirals 1915-1934 George V Heads, 1936-61 Pictorials
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1936-61 Pictorials 1936-61 Pictorials 1938-51 King George VI, Horizontal Overprint 1940 Centenary of Procomation of British Sovereginty.
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1947-65 Lighthouses 1969-1977 & 1981 Lighthouses 1954-63 Queen Elizabeth II 1891-98 Life Insurance with 'VR'
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1902-1904 Life Insurance VR Omitted The Law Courts Stamps Revenue Stamps
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Revenue Stamps Revenue Stamps 1933 Share Transfer Certificate High Value Stamp Duty
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1916 Cheque to Bing, Harris & Co.Ltd Honey Seals and Stamps 1943 Share Transfer Certificate

Beer Duty

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Pigeon Post Airmails Airmails Revenue Stamps
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1893 Advertisements Second Sideface Adsons - Top Left Pane Second Sideface Adsons - Top Right Pane Second Sideface Adsons - Bottom Left Pane
Second Sideface Adsons - Bottom Right Pane      






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