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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Annacloy / Lisburn

Awaiting older Post mark

Earliest known date -
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - Circle, Single Ring

Codes Known -

SR (mm)


Annacloy / Downpatrick Co. Down

Earliest known date - Unknown
Latest known date - 1 JU 1992
Postmark type - Double Circle, Code at top, Short Thin Arcs.

Codes Known - *

DR (27/16mm)


1 JU 1992      

Annacloy / Lisburn

Earliest known date - 24 MAR 1899
Latest known date - 31 DEC 1913
Postmark type - Circular, No code at top. 3 Letter Month.

Codes Known -

SR (28mm)
Proof Struck in purple



20Jan1900   1913  
24 MAr 1899   00  

Photo of 1st post Office taken 30 Apr 1994. Location 53 Annacloy Road. Tel box beside the PO. Grid Ref, J451483.

In 1994 AW Graham confirmed that the Post Master, Mrs Fitzsimons was still in residence. She was PM for 30 years, c1960-90. The Post Office was subject to 2 armed robberies during its life.



This was the location of the second Post Office, No73 Annacloy Rd. Picture was taken Aug 1993 and was at this location from c 1990. KMcS notes that the building was burnt down some time after 2000.



In 1994 the Post Office was located at

73 Annacloy Road, Crossgar, BT30 7AJ

Tel: Downpatrick 830165, Grid Ref J444.486

21 Jun - Jul 1862, NP. The Downpatrick Recorder "The PMG has established a sub Post Office at Annacloy, in charge of Mr. Richard Hassard, junior."

Previous and first PO was at No.53 Annacloy Road, J.451.483
At No.53 Last PM was Mrs Fitzsimons for c30 years c1960-1990. There wer 2 robberies at the PO and it was closed. Prior to this PM was a Mr Michael McCormack c1930-1960 (her Uncle) and previous to that was Mrs Mary Ann McCormack, c1900-1930.
from c1990, PO was at No.73 PM was Fitzsimmons ( No relation to previous).



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