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August 2013

August 2013 Meeting

The August 2013 NIPS meeting was held at McCracken Memorial Church Hall, Malone Road on Friday 9th August 2013 and the subject was a display by Michael Gould.



March 2013

March 2013 Meeting

The March 2013 meeting was held at McCracken Memorial Church Hall on 8th March 2013 when David Sweeney give a presentation entitled, "Fascist Italy"

April 2013 - Chairmans Display





February 2012


January 2012 MeetingBelfastMachineCancel

The January 2012 NIPS meeting was held at Hillhall Road on Friday 13th January 2012 when John Gilpin presented to the society. Th eevening was a run through of the Irish Machne Cancellations from the late 1890's to date. John give a detailed commentary of the introduction of the machines with examples of key dates throughoutthe Irish troubles and beyond.


Ballinasloe Maltese Cross

Pat Evans has contacted us to see if anyone has details and/or images of the Ballinasloe Maltese Cross and would be greatly obliged if anyone can give him any assistance at all in this. Ballinasloe is recorded with a Maltese Cross as well as a mileage mark and a Penny Post mark. Please contact us on info@ni-ps.eu if you have any details that we can pass on to Pat.


While catching up on some research recently into the historic proposals for the Irish Channel Tunnel I had call to read the Northern Whig from 1886. I came across a set of interesting letters relating to the Post Office in Belfast.

The first was in the edition of 31st July 1886 which discussed the official visit at the pre opening of the new Post Office in Royal Avenue. The letter refers to the official opening for business tomorrow (Sunday 1st August 1886). The article gives a list of the various dignitaries attending the private viewing including the Mayor of Belfast, Sir E. J. Harland and a number of MP's including William Ewart Esq.

The second article appeared in the Northern Whig on 4th August 1886 and was a letter from John McCann, 39, Victoria Street, Belfast complaining about the need to climb 17 steps to post a letter. It also gives a summary of the key people instrumental in securing the new post office for Belfast.

A link to a full copy of each letter is located here:-

4 August 1886

31 July 1886

December Meeting

Lisburn Duplex

The December 2011 NIPS meeting will be held at RPS, 74 Boucher Road on Friday 9th December when Past President Robert Teeny will present an evening on Irish Postal History. Please come along from 7:00PM.


Bangor Federation Event 2011
The Federation of Northern Ireland Philatelic Societies held a display at the North Down Museum between 25th October to 4th November 2011. Pictured above are some of the members taking part in the display, including Jon Perrott, Robert Teeney, Errol Dunne, Stuart Tanner and Carol Barbosa. The event was officially opened by the Mayor of Bangor and its visitors have included local collectors, overseas visitors and the Mongolian Consulate in Northern Ireland. The event continues to the 4th November with the final week concentrating on Northern Ireland philately.

If you need further details of this event to be held on Bangor please click the link here.




ImageThe next NIPS meeting will be held at RPS, 74 Boucher Road on Friday 11th November when it will be a Members night on the topic of "What U Like". This is an ideal opportunity for members to bring along circa 6 sheets of anything. It is a great way to gain experience in putting a few sheets together for a display and is completely open to whatever you like. Please come along from 7:00PM.


Deputy Cheif Field Officer

Friday 14th October Michael Gould will give a thematic display on Security Postmarks of World War II.


11th September - Updated Banbridge Page loaded with some new images of modern postmarks.



9th September 2011 - Brian Warren, President of the Dublin Stamp Society, visited Belfast and presented a thematic display on Irish People on Stamps. This was an evening with a variety of history and stamps.

20 August 2011 - A summary of Irish SHIP marks added. Do you have any more you would like to add, if so let me know. These are the general marks and more detailed marks will be added later.

14 August 2011 - New Zealand, Back of the Book, Display added. Events updated.


The August Meeting was a presentation on Friday 12th entitled "Back of the Book, New Zealand" issues by Jonathan Barkley. It contained a wide selection of Revenues, Income Tax Stamps, Land Deeds and Advertisements on the rear of stamps. If you missed the display you can view it online by clicking here.


Postage Due

The August NIPS meeting will be held at RPS, 74 Boucher Road on Friday 12th August and will be the "Back of the Book, New Zealand" issues by Jonathan Barkley. Why not bring a guest or a possible new member. Please come along from 7:00PM.


The June Meeting was a presentation of images from the north by member J.D. Quail. It contained a number of original photographs and rare postcards from around Northern Ireland and included a number of Titanic and Olympic memorabilia.



The May NIPS meeting was held at RPS, 74 Boucher Road on Friday 13th May and was the Annual General Meeting at which the new Committee was elected. The display for the evening was the entries for the Annual Greer Cup which is limited to 16 sheets of any one class or theme. Judging took place on the night and was awarded to William Thompson. Please have your entries with the Secretary by the month preceding the AGM for next years competition.


The North of Ireland Annual Auction was held on Wednesday 25th May 2011 at St. Nicholas Church Hall, Cadogan Park. A full listing of the Auction lots is available by clicking here. The next event of note is the NI Postcard Fair, at St Nicholas, Church Hall, on Saturday 29th October 2011.



The April Meeting was presented by our Chairman Mr Ian Bailey on Friday 8th April. The subject was Zanzibar and included a wide variety of stamps and covers with an appeal for all collectors.


Ardglass Rd postbox
This photo was sent to me by one of our members and shows a George VI Lamp Letter Box with a G VI R Cypher and crown, manufactured by W. T. Allen & Co. London. The words letters only are quoted below the aperture. The original design of this box was introduced in 1935 with the GR cypher, the design continued into the reign of George VI. If differs from the earlier lamp box by having a flatter top, the collection plate on the door is larger, and the Royal Cypher is displaced from the door.

This example was photographed in August 1989 on the Ardglass / Downpatrick Road, County Down. LBSG - LB212.

In response to our previous months appeal for the most inaccessible postbox, we didn't come up with ant harder examples than that published in April. That example was quoted as possibly the most dangerously sited box in the North of Ireland. It is located within three feet of a deep river outflow covered by an open wire grill, and is obstructed by a Hawthorn hedge. The opposite side is bounded by the busy Carrickfergus Road, Upper Greenisland, County Antrim.

The Pillar Box was re-sited in September 1991 to a safer location. Do you know of a more dangerous location for any of your local Pillar Boxes?

You can see more of John's Pillar Box collection at the Member's Display Area or by clicking on this link.




This photo was sent to me by one of our members and shows a George VI Pillar Box with a G VI R Cypher, manufactured by Carron Co., Falkirk. This is quoted as possibly the most dangerously sited box in the North of Ireland. It is located within three feet of a deep river outflow covered by an open wire grill, and is obstructed by a Hawthorn hedge. The opposite side is bounded by the busy Carickfergus Road, Upper Greenisland, County Antrim.

The Pillar Box was re-sited in September 1991 to a sager location. Do you know of a more dangerous location for any of your local Pillar Boxes?

You can see more of John's Pillar Box collection at the Member's Display Area or by clicking on this link.



Stamp Zeppelin

February Meeting

The LVPS February Meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd February 2011 at Hillhall Road. The presentation will be given by member John Burgoyne on the topic of Liechtenstein Zeppelin Mail. Please come along from 7:00PM.

The next NIPS meeting will be held at RPS, 74 Boucher Road on Friday 11th February and will be presented by Mr John Proctor and is entitled 'Between the Covers'. The topic will be a surprise to us all but having viewed a few of John's previous displays I am sure we will be treated to some entertaining correspondence with historic content. Please come along from 7:00PM.

Please note that the Belfast Society will meet at Hillhall Road on February 18th and not at their usual venue at Cadogan Park.

January 2011
The January Meeting will be held on Friday 14th January 2011 at RPS, 74 Boucher Rd. The presentation will be given by Dublin Stamp Society member Pat Casey on the subject of Royalty. Pat is no stranger to the NIPS having presented in the past

13 Jan 2011 - Latest Release of GB Special Event Postmarks added for 7 Jan 2011.

5 Jan 2011 - 10 additional counties added for the Selwood Fitzpatrick postmark collection. See Members Displays.

December 2010
White Plague

The December Meeting was held on Friday 10th December 2010 at RPS, 74 Boucher Rd. The presentation was be given by member Billy Thompson on the thematic subject of the White Plague. You can view the display here

Lady Mairi Auction fetches £3m

Lady Mairi Auction report

28 Dec 2010 - Lisburn display added, this was from earlier in 2010 and has excellent content. Index Page Updated. Updates to the GB Special Event Postmarks.

Watermark Variety

Stanley Gibbons report on a new Watermark Variety

The 2½d Thomas Moore stamp normally carries a multiple 'e' watermark. Stanley Gibbons report in the January 2011 edition of a find from Mr B Strandley of an inverted multiple 'e' watermark. The new variety is to be listed in the 2012 catalogue as SG152w. This has not been listed in the 2010 Hibernian Catalogue.

The stamp was printed in sheets of 120 divided into two panes of 60, so have a look at your stock book and see if you have any of the other 119.

In other news David MacDonnell reports the discovery of the SG32 Thom Overprint 'Rialtar' 1½d, with Royal Cypher Watermark inverted and reversed. The used stamp will also be added to the SG Catalogue as SG32y.


11 Dec 2010 - The White Plague Display added.

Carryduff Post Office

Carryduff Post Office

Carryduff Belfast

Carryduff Post Office is recorded by Frank & Stange as opening between 1865-7. It has a recorded english Rubber Mark but no other listings from F&S. James Mackay recorded the rubber mark in use from 19 March 1897. The above image was supplied by John Burgoyne and I believe that this is teh location of the Lowes Industrial Estate on the Ballynahinch Road. Can anyone shed any light on to the history of this office. I look forward to hearing from you on this office. Happy hunting!

28 Nov 2010

Belfast Mulready Envelope 1

December Cover of the Month - 1D. LETTER SHEET FORME 1 A1, S.G.ME1

The Mulready was used from Belfast to Southam, Warwickshire 24 February 1846, Irish 1844-type '62' numeral cancellation, Belfast code 'C' date stamp on the reverse, diamond code '4A' date stamp 25 February, Southam arrival the following day. This was lot 19 from the recent Sotheby's sale of our Patron's collection, Lady Mairi Bury, FRPSL. This lot was unsold so if you are interested you might be able to pick it up.

To view the full catalogue with the prices realised please click on this link which will only be active for a short time. This will take you to lot 1 and you can enter details of the lot you are interested in by entering its number in the 'jump to' box.

28 Nov 2010 - Details of Arbroath Stamp & Postcard Cover added. Updates to Index page and Armoy Post office

21 Nov 2010 - 349 new files uploaded. Updates to Post Offices at Augher, Aughamullan, Aughafatten, Aughagallon, Ashfield. New reports for Ballee Ballymena, Ballee Downpatrick, Baillies Mills. New Special Event Christmas Postmarks for 12 Nov 2010. Members display added for Italy 1861-3. Updates or new listings for Crossgar, Doagh Road, Donaghmore, Donaghmore Co. Tyrone, Fivemiletown, Garrison, Ballinamallaght.

31Oct 2010 - Further updates to the offices listed on 28th, plus new Post & Go request for info. Home page updated.

28 Oct 2010, New Post Offices added for Ballyhackamore, Court House, Crossgar, Doagh Road, Donaghmore Newry, Donaghmore Dungannon, Fivemiletown, Garrison, Paquebot, Portaferry, Riverdale, Seymour Hill, Tullycarnet and Rosetta.

25 Oct, New Post Offices added to the Postmark Database Including, Ballinderry Bridge, Diamond, Jennymount, Moneymore, Pomeroy, Tullyhommon, Waring St.

20 Oct 2010, 53 new files added to the GB Special Event Postmarks. Index page updated.


The November Meeting was held on Friday 12th November 2010 at RPS, 74 Boucher Rd. The presentation given by member Uel Barkley was on the Postal Stationary of Ireland.

Aughintain POAughintain
Aughintain Post Office is recorded by Frank & Stange as opening between 1861-3. It was a rural sub office initially under Fivemiletown and I suspect in later years under Clogher. The office was located at 17 Aughintain Road, Clogher and in 1994 the red phone box was still visible outside. Mackay records a single ring proof dated 22 May 1904 however I do not have any other marks in my collection for this office. Can anyone shed any light on to the history of this office in the rural hinterland of Clogher. The work by A W Graham had recorded various postmasters and these are listed at the Aughintain post mark page, which can be found here. I look forward to hearing from you on this office. Happy hunting!

Latvia 1918 first stamp

The October Meeting was held on Friday 8th October 2010 at RPS, 74 Boucher Rd. The presentation was an exceptional display by Keith Armour visting from the Isle of Man. Keith give a display on the postal history of Latvia.

02 Oct 2010. 95 new images added to the GB Special Event Postmarks for Medical Breakthrough Postmarks as noted on 20 Aug 2010 and for Aughnacloy, Aughnagurgan and Avenue Road Lurgan. New book reviews added to the Library List.

02 Oct 2010 Aughnagurgan Post Office - County Armagh

The Belfast Newsletter on 13th April 1857 wrote "We understand that a Post Office has been opened at Augnagurgan, under Keady, which promises to be advantageous to parties residing between Keady & Newtownhamilton, as it will enable them to get their papers and letters in the morning, instead of (as at present) at 6 or 7 o'clock in the evening." The post office was closed between 1859-60. Does anyone have any marks from this office that we can add to the database?


The September Meeting was held on Friday 10th September 2010 at RPS, 74 Boucher Rd. The presentation was an exceptional display by David Sweeney on Italy 1861-3. This included a breakdown of the different Regions prior to the official formation of the united states forming Italy. There was also a number of forgerys to allow members to see the difference between the genuine and forged articles.

26 Sept 2010. 508 Files added. Displays added for Counties Louth, Longford, Limerick, Leitrim, Laois and Kilkenny. A link added to the John Finlay Post Boxes Collection. Calendar updated. Cover of the month updated. New GB Special Event Postmarks added. Irish Post Office index updated with some new acquisitions. These are not complete but include the recent postmarks sent to me or added to my collection for Portarlington, Antrim, Armagh, Kiskeam, Tralee, Dingle, Cappagh, Newmarket, Cloyne, Drimoleague, Kiltimagh, Askeaton, Fermoy, Portumna, CarrickOnSuir, Boyle, Abbeydorney, Magherafelt, Bready, Tamlaght, Upper Malone, Islandmagee, Cookstown, Larne, Ballymena, Ballynafeigh, Strabane. There are further marks to be added to these pages so if you have any additionsplease do send me a copy.

11 Sept 2010, home page updated. New postmarks added to postmark index.

7 Sept 2010. Latest GB Special Event Handstamps added.

4 Sept 2010, Further postmarks and dates added for Antrim and Armagh. 51 new images uploaded.

29 August 2010. Index page updated with new images. Post Offices added as follows, Arney, Articlave, Artigarvan, Artnagross, Ashfield, Attical, Aughafatten, Aughnagallon, Aughamullen, Augher & Aughintain. Latest News and Cover of the month archived.

22 August 2010 - 203 files uploaded. Further post marks added to Armagh and a short 20 page review on 'The Post Office in Ireland - Armagh Post Office', added to the display section. Postmark index updated for Ardstraw, Ardtrea, Armoy, Strandtown, Maynooth, Kilcock, Tuam & Ards Centre.

Knockroe Post Office - see image below. The FAI list two post offices as 'Cnoc Ruadh'. The first Cnoc Ruadh is listed in Cavan (086) and the second as Wicklow (039). The image to the left records a Cnoc Ruadh Co. Chill Dara, which is clearly listed as County Kildare. Is this under the control of the Cavan office? If you have any information please let us know otherwise we will add this to the database as KID100.

Latest thoughts show there is a Knockroe, SW of County Kildare so it is likely that there was a PO there. Other thoughts are that this may be just inside County Wicklow and could be controlled by Kildare PO as the main postal town. The final word is that the ‘Knockroe’ postmark is actually Hollywood, Co Wicklow.  The Head Office was Naas (from c1890 to closure).  The mark was in use from 1937 to 1977 (when the Irish name was changed).All West Wicklow was under the control of Naas until the Head Offices (as we knew them) disappeared c2000.


8 August 2010 - Postmark index updated. Postmarks added for Athenry, Parkmore, Oranmore, Rosscahill, Kilrickle, Kilconnell, Moyard, Kinvara, Recess, Carna, Strandtown, Galway, Headford, Ballyshrule and Tuam. Thanks to Selwood and David for most of these images.

6 August 2010 - 273 images of book covers uploaded. 23 book details added to the Library List. An example is book ref NIPS06.

1 August 2010 - Cover of the month updated. Strandtown Post Office added as a web page. Updates added to meeting programme.

25 July 2010 - over the last month opening dates have been added to the Co. Kildare in the postmark index. Updates have been loaded for Ardkeen, Ardmore, Anyalla, Kilkea, Maynooth, Naas, Donadea, Curragh, Leixlip, Rathangan, Knockroe, Coill Dubh, Bracknagh, Castledermot, Bailieborough, Cadamstown, Thomastown, Ballymore Eustace, Celbridge, Athy, Newbridge, Kilcock, Moone, Mageney, Ballytore, Carbury, Kildare, Robertstown, Sallins & Twomilehouse. Please send me any other marks you have fo these offices and I will update the information.

11 July 2010 - Opening and closing dates for 30 of Dublin Post Offices added to the Postmark Index. This included the addition of some new offices to the list. Cover of the month updated. Galway Postmarks and Kerry Postmarks added to the Members Display area.

5 July 2010 - Due to a DNS Error the NIPS Website was down. Following lots of discussion the error has been found and repaired and we are now live again!

Prize Giving at AGM

  • Greer Cup - Ian Bailey
  • Gordon Cup - Thematic Display - Billy Thompson
  • Nevin Cup - Best Annual Display - Des Quail
  • The Post Office Trophy - Best Running up entry of predominately UK & Ireland Material - Bob Teeny
  • Chairman's Award - Dr Michael Gould
  • Quail Centenary Award - Jon Perrott
  • Literature Award - Jim Rankin


Billy Thompson presenting PO Trophy to Bob Teeney


Billy Thompson (Left) presents the chain of office to the incoming Chairman Ian Bailey at the AGM in May 2010. The Vice Chairman was confirmed as David Sweeney with Kevin McShane taking over as role of Secretary. The Secretary can be contacted on nips@ni-ps.eu .

16 May 2010- Notes on the AGM. Copies of the two entries for the Annual Greer Cup competition on 'Landscape Issues of 1927' & '19th Century Southern Africa'.

25 April 2010 - 113 New files uploaded covering a British Antractic Territories Display and updated post office listings including, Ardaragh, Ardgarvan, Ardglass and opening a new page for Downpatrick.

18 April 2010 - 74 New Files uploaded today covering Arboe Post Office, and a Member's display on Post Boxes.

11 April 2010 - 215 new files and images added for Italy - De La Rue Series, members display. Antrim & Caherlistrane PO added. Cover of the month and homepage updated.

04 April 2010 - 94 New Files and images added for Philatelic Dictionary, Part 1. Due to limited internet access with the storms this week there are no updates to the Postmark database, as my connection only went live again this morning.

28 March 2010- 205 New Files and Images added for Annacloy, Annaclone, Annaghmore, Annahilt, Annalong, Annsborough, Ann St. Enniskilen. Members Display added for Ulster Connection. NIPS Postcards added.

21 March 2010 - Latest Post Offices and updated images for Aghalane, Aghalee, Aghanloo, Aghyaran, Ahoghill, Ahorey, Aldergrove, Allistragh, Altishahane & Altmover. Members Display's added for Censor Marks, Kingfishers and a Philatelic Dictionary.

14 March 2010 - Latest Post Offices and updated images for Ardkeen, Altamuskin, Andersonstown, Annaghmore, Clonmore, Kilbride, Old Leithlin, Hacketstown, Rathvilly, Dalysbridge, Monard, Monamolin, Abbeyplace, Aghacommon and Aghadowey added. Also a display of Gaelic Postmarks added to the Members' Display area.

09 March 2010 - Aghadowey Added & Abbeyfeale updated with new marks.

06 March 2010 - Latest Photos or Postmarks added for Abbeyfeale, Annsborough, Aghalee, Ahoghill, Albertbridge, Aldergrove, Ardglass, Altamuskin, Aghanloo, Monasterboice, Monasteraden. My marks are limited at these sites so if you have any please do send a copy.

28 Feb 2010 - Letters From America - Member's Display of Letters to Randalstown

27 Feb 2010 - New Zealand, back of the Book - A member's display. Lemybrien, Douglas Bridge & Halfway House Post Offices added.

22 Feb 2010 - Caledon Post Office added.

21 Feb 2010 - Member's Display on Postboxes added.

21 Feb 2010 - Leixlip, Lenamore added.


13 Feb 2010 - (Above) Jon Perrott, Organiser of the NI RPS Regional Meeting held at Mount Stewart on 13 Feb 2010. Alan Huggins and Francis Kiddle both give presentations on One Frame Exhibitions and Cinderellas. The North of Ireland members attended as guests. A full report is available here.

12 Feb 2010 - The February Meeting welcomed guests from the Caledonian Society as well as RPSL members from Dublin, Scotland and England. Those present were treated to a rare viewing of some of the best items of Irish Postal History known. These included unique examples of cancellations, as well as the earliest recorded SHIP Letters from various coves and villages around the Irish Coast.

08 Feb 2010 - Portarlington Rail added to Portarlington

07 Feb 2010 - Leitrim, Portarlington (Leix) & Lemlara postmarks added.

31 Jan 2010- Leggs and Leighlinbridge Post Marks added. Minor Amendments made to Titles and general layout. Photos added to Leenane

24 Jan 2010 - Bangor, Co. Down, Various Postmarks and Photos added to the Postmark Index, Updated 26 Jan 2010.

21 Jan 2010 - Lecarrow, Leegarrow, Leith Cheatramha, Post Office added to Postmark Index.

5 Jan 2010 - Lecamy & Leenane Post Office Postmarks added- 5/Jan/2010, Can you add any further images to this selection? Further marks added to Leenane, 15 Jan 2010, Updated 31Jan2010.


2009 (Above) - Three Officers from the Association of British Philatelic Societies visited the NIPS to outline the aims and activities of the ABPS. John Baron, William King and Colin Searle give individual displays to the members and discussed the possibility of setting up a Northern Ireland Federation. The event received publicity in the various stamp magazines.





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