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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Ashfield, Dromore
(Gort Fuinseog) (Coillidh Saordhala) / County Down.

The post office opened in 1845 and closed between 1982-7. It has a recorded undated namestamp and an english rubber mark.

Ashfield R.H. Dromore

Earliest known date - 31 Dec 1845
Latest known date - 7 Jan 1845
Postmark type - Straight Line, Seriffed letters on two lines.

Codes Known -

circa 34x9mm

Ashfield RH Dromore      

Tracing from PRONI 7 Jan 1846 ED1/15/175 No.44, see also 31 Dec 1845 ED1/15/175 No104.


Ashfield / Lisburn

Earliest known date - 23 Jul 1886
Latest known date - 17 Mar 1900
Postmark type - Circle, Single Ring with date as DD MMM YY on one line.

Codes Known -

SR (28mm)

17 Mar 1900   Ashfield Lisburn  

Wider spaced Lisburn than 1886


Ashfield Dromore Co. Down

Earliest known date - Unknown
Latest known date -
Postmark type - Circle, Single Ring. No codes, proof example.

Codes Known -

SR (24mm)


PO Archive Proof Scrap Book, Mar 1985


Ashfield, location of former PO

Photo taken 11 Sept 1993 from the A W Graham collection. Listed as 15 Villa Wood Rd, BT25 1LF

11 Sep 1993      



Press Cuttings:-
Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 14 Sept 1844 - "PO established at Ashfield near Dromore."
Northern Whig 12 Sept 1844 - similar report to BCC.
Banbridge Chronicle, 14 Mar 1985, a short article on closure.

Thoms Directory lists post masters as:-
1844-6 George Black
1847-8 Martha Black
1849-54 Robert Moore
1856-Dec1858 Alex McCann
1922-c1950's David Crumm
1950's-c1986 Mrs W McCandless (nee Mis Mary Crumm daughter of David)
1986-8 Mr & Mrs Dring?





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