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NIPS PostCards

Since 1986 the North of Ireland PS have issued postcards commemorating special events, historic items from the Post Office in the North of Ireland or Anniversaries. Details of the collections still available for sale, at 50p each or £1.25 with a First Day Of Issue Cancel plus £1 P&P, are outlined below. Those marked Sold Out are no longer available. For further details please contact Norman Scott at the usual contact details below. To see a larger image, click on the relevant postcard image and a larger image will open on a new page. Some browsers allow this to be enlarged further by clicking on the page. Once viewed, click the back arrow on your browser to return to this page.

Sold Out Sold Out PC3 PC4 PC5  
PC1 PC2 PC3 - (1988) Hexagonal Acanthus Top VR Pillar Box, Frances Street, Newtownards, August 1961. PC4 - (1989) Reproduction of Postcard sent from Newtownards to Holywood 22nd April 1919. PC5 - (1990) 150th Anniversary of the Penny Black 1840-1990.  
PC6 PC7 PC8 PC9 PC10  
PC6 - (1991). Royal Mail Bus operated under lease by JB Ferguson, which carried mail between Belfast and Portaferry.1908 PC7 - (1992) Postal Map of Ireland 1832. PC8 - (1993), LMS (N.C.C.) Belfast - Londonderry Line, Royal Mail Sorting Coach 1938. PC9 - (1994) Randalstown Post Office, Circa 1905 PC10 - (1995). Clogher Valley Railway 2d letter stamp used on a 1910 cover tied with a 'Maguires Bridge' handstamp.  
PC11 PC12 PC13 PC14 PC15  
PC11 - (1996). Sandy Row Post Office, Belfast 1937, Demolished 1938. PC12 - (1997), Newtownards Airport, 1935. PC13 - (1998), First Post office van purchased for Newry 1925. JP Doran, Peter Doran & Dessie McAlister, the main drivers. PC14 - (1999). Manchester - Dublin - Belfast Air Mail Service, BEA Plane 1951. PC15 - (2000). Motorcycle and Sidecar Combination in use around 1920 in the Newry district.  
PC16 PC17 PC18 PC19 PC20  
PC16 - (2001) Loading Mail from Post Office Van onto BEA aircraft at Nutts Corner, Crumlin, 1961.
PC17 - (2002). Edward VIII type Pillar Box, only a couple were shipped to Northern Ireland. Formerly located at Lisburn Rd, Belfast.
PC18 - (2004). The 'Milestone' in Hillsborough, Co. Down on the old Mail Coach route between Belfast & Dublin.
PC19 - (2005). Edward VII Lamp Box at the Swanlinbar / Florencecourt crossroads, Enniskillen.
PC20 - (2013). Hexagonal Acanthus Top VR Pillar Box, English Street, Downpatrick  






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