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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Ballee, Ballymena
(Beal Ia) / Co. Antrim.

The post office opened in 1977-82. It has previously listed no cancellations.

Ballee Ballymena / Co Antrim.

Earliest known date - 22 Oct 1993
Latest known date - 2 Jan 1996
Postmark type - Circular, Single Ring, Time Code at top, date on two lines as DD MM / YY.

Codes Known - A,C

SR 23mm

Ballee 22Oct 1993   Ballee  

2 Jan 1996


Ballee, Ballymena Co Antrim / Parcel / Post.

Earliest known date - 6 Oct 1994
Latest known date - 6 Oct 1994
Postmark type - Rectangular, No Time Code, date on one line as DD MMM YYYY.

Codes Known -

R 63x33mm

Parcel Post      



Baillies Mills / Lisburn.

Top - Sketch of PO Locations by A W Graham

Middle - PO2, Photo taken on 22 Oct 1993, note to rear states, "Same Location as 1 May 1978" (AW Graham Collection)

Bottom - PO1, 12-14 Antrim Road, taken 21 Sept 1996

Ballee Map      
Ballee Photo 1 Oct 1993      

Ballee PO 1996


PO listed between Monday 11 Sept 1967 - 30 Apr 1978, Source A W Graham records. Post Master Elaner Fallis at 12-14 Antrim Road, OS D108.021 However the PO was recorded at 2 Ballee Shopping Centre, BT42 3EX, OS D112.016

7 Sept 1967 - Ballymena Observer reports Harryville PO Closed. Ballykeel, Salisbury Sq also opened previous Monday 4th Sept 1967 but Ballee is not named. Elmer Fallis in charge, Hendersons show him as Antrim Rd Filling Station to 1970's but not listed as PO or Postmaster?

There is a report in the Belfast Telegraph on 25 Apr 1996 and it is reproduced below.

Belfast Telegraph ballee post Office





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