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   DOW014August 1993
GR Post Box in Wall at Nr 158.

Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Baillies Mills, Lisburn
(Muileann Bhaile / An Cairgeach Cruaidh) / Co. Down.

The post office opened in 1888 and closed between 1982-7. It has previously listed an english rubber mark.

Baillies Mills / Lisburn.

Earliest known date - 21 Apr 1904
Latest known date -
Postmark type - Circular, Single Ring, No Time Code, date on one line as DD MMM YY.

Codes Known -

SR 29mm

Baillies Mills Lisburn   Baillies Mills Lisburn 22 Apr 1904  



Baillies Mills / Lisburn.

Top - Sketch of PO Locations by A W Graham

Middle - PO, No2 Back Road at the Masonic Hall (AW Graham Collection)

Bottom - Nr 158 Old Ballynahinch Rd, site of former Post Office

A W Graham Sketch      
PO1 April 1994      



Baillies Mills-
PO listed between Jul-Dec 1887 - 29 Feb 1984, Source A W Graham records.
There is an entry on the PO List of 1 Jan 1888.

Rubber Mark recorded on 21 Apr 1904.

Location - 158 Old Ballynahinch Road, BT27 6TL, West side of A49, OS Ref J.323.587

PO1 - 2 Back Road, Pmr Andrew Patterson
PO2 - (1948/9), No158, Pmr Mrs Grace Campbell to 1980, then her son Percy Campbell, c1980-84.





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