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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Ballinamallaght, Dunamanagh
(Ballinamallaght) / Co. Tyrone.

The post office opened in 1865-7 and closed 1922-7. It has previously listed only a rubber cancellation.

Ballee / Downpatrick.

Earliest known date - 03 May 1904
Latest known date - 16 Jul 1916
Postmark type - Circular, Single Ring, No Time Code at top, date on one line as DD MMM YY.

Codes Known -

SR c29mm

Ballinamallaght Strabane   Ballinamallaght Strabane  




Top - Sketch of PO Location by A W Graham showing PO location on 1905

Middle - Extract of 2010 mapping showing Ballinamallaght East of Strabane.

Bottom - Site of PO from 1865-1923, photo taken 21 Aug 1994.

Ballinamallaght Map 1905      
Ballinamallaght Map 2010      

230 LisnaraghRd


Ballinamallaght, Strabane-

Belfast Newsletter reports PO 1 Sep 1867
Open between Jul1865-Jun 1867, Closed Jan-Jun 1923
PO was located at 230 Lisnaragh Rd, Ballinamallaght. This is the only bulding now located between the two junctions.

Postmasters are suggested as James Houston, then Margaret (Maggie) Houston, althought these are unconfirmed.

29 Aug 1866 Belfast Newsletters:-

Report From Derry Sentinel





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