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The Ship Letter Stamps of Ireland -

These images are taken from various publications and Auction lots to illustrate the various Ship Letter marks from Ireland. This is a summary of the general SHIP and PAQUEBOT marks.

GS1 GS2 GS2  
GS1, 22mm long, Letters 5mm
GS2, 26mm long, Letters 7mm. Known on 1750 letterAmerica-London GS3, 21mm long, Letters 6.5mm. Used N. Carolina to London, 1758 with "COUNTRY"
GS4 GS5 GS6  

GS4, 27.5mm long, Letters 7mm. Used from Newcastle, Pennsylvania, 9 Apr 1774.

GS5, 31mm long, Letters 7mm. Used at Cork GS6, 22mm long, Letters 7mm. Used at Newry  

GS7, 21.5mm long, Letters 7.5mm. Used at Waterford

GS8, 19mm long, Letters 5mm. Used at Belfast. GS9, Used in 1740 with "CTRY" abbreviated Country stamp on entire to London.  
GS10 GS11  
GS10, with a number of slight variations. Recorded at BUNCRANA, DUNMORE EAST, LIMERICK, PORTAFERRY, WESTPORT. GS11, CAHERCIVEEN, 1827  
GS12 GS13  
GS12, 1825-30. In Black, possibly applied in Dublin? GS13, 55mm long, Letters 6mm. Used at Kilrush  
GS14 GP1  
GS14, 55mm long, Letters 5mm. Used at Wicklow GP1, 1897-1906. Used at Dublin in conjuction with a TPO.  
    GP2, GB Omnibus type. Known at Queenstown 1899.  






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