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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Ballinaskeagh, Banbridge, Co. Down

The Post Office opened 1849-52 and is recorded with a rubber mark by Frank & Stange. Also known as Ballynaskeagh, Ballinaheagh, Ballinaskeigh.


Earliest known date - 24 Aug 1897
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - Circular, No Time, Date on one line

Codes Known - None


24 Aug 1897      


Earliest known date - 31 Aug 1993
Latest known date - Unknown+
Postmark type - Circular, DR27mm. Date on two lines DD MM / YY.

Codes Known - C



31 Aug 1993   31 Aug 1993  


Earliest known date - Unknown
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - Circular, XXmm

Codes Known -

Medium Capital Letters



Post Offices
Pencil Map      
Pencil Map 2      


Photos of Post Offices

By A W Graham

Ballinaskeagh PO1      
Above PO1 in 14 Aug 1993 - Site of former Post Office      
Ballinaskeagh PO2      
Above Former site of PO2 on 14 Aug 1994 (Now Redeveloped)      
Ballinaskeagh PO3      
Above - PO3, former site on 31 Aug 1993 - Note grey sign above door.      
Ballinaskeagh PO4      
Above - PO4 New Post Office as visited 31 Aug 1993      

Location 20 Ballinaskeagh Rd, BT32 5BL
(Thoms) 1851 Post Master Joseph Davidson (Glascerbeg Rd?) PO1
(Thoms) 1852-9 PO not recorded - Vacant, then PM Fletcher to c 1950 PO2
30 Ballinaskeagh Rd, PM Frank Campbell c1950-1974 PO3
20 Ballinaskeagh Rd, PO4

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