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Special Inkjet Cancellations - Used in Northern Ireland in 2014

(Or as received by me in Northern Ireland) If you have any scans of other marks please send them to me for inclusion on this list.


Northern Ireland Mail Centre


Northern Ireland Mail Centre 2014-12-04

Northern Ireland Mail Centre 10 Dec 2014

NorthernIreland Mail Centre 19.12.14

7 Wavy Lines

Machine 1, 04.12.14

Machine 3, 10.12.14

Machine 2, 19.12.14

Joe Mercer, Remarkable Lives Stamps, Cancel from Northern Ireland Joe Mercer Remarkable Lives 11.03.14 Northern Ireland Machine 4, 11.03.14
Happy St. Patrick's day 2014 Happy St.Patrick's Day 2014 Machine 2
Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer Northern Ireland May 2014
Prostate Cancer, entered sideways and contains no date. Prostate Cancer


Deliverd by Royal Mail to right.

Giro d'Italia, Big Start, 9-11May 2014 Giro Italia Belfast 2014 machine 1, 2nd May 2014
Giro d'Italia, Big Start, 9-11May 2014 Giro d'Italia The Big Start machine 2, 7th May 2014
Dog Awareness Week 2014 - Help us reduce dog attacks? on postal workers Dog Awareness week 2014 Royal Mail Northern Ireland 02?.07.14
Celebrating The Life of Abram Games, Remarkable Lives Stamps 1914-1996

Abram Games Northern Ireland 29.07.14

Abram Games postmark

Northern Ireland 29.07.14
Gleneagles Scotland 2014

Gleneagles- Northern Ireland Mail Centre 15.09.14

Gleneagles Scotland 2014- Northern Ireland 220914

Reported by Royal Mail to be in use from 15-29 September 2014

This example 15.09.14 & 22.09.14

Celebrating the Life of Joan Littlewood Joan Littlewood 06.Oct.2014 (see Below for Edinburgh cancel)
Royal Mail proud to support Stroke Association Royal Mail Supports Stroke Association machine 2, 04 Dec 2014
  Stroke-Northern Ireland 1.10.14 1.10.14, machine 3
  Stroke Association Northern Ireland 02.12.14 02.12.14 machine 2
  Stroke Association machine 2, 03 Dec 2014
It's Christmas Time! Last Poasting dates, 1st Class 20 December, 2nd Class 18 December

Last Posting Day For Christmas 2014

Last Posting dates Northern Ireland

Machine 3, 10 Dec 2014



Machine 3 16.12.14

  Other Locations  
Royal Mail supports PROSTATE CANCER UK Delivering first class care for men. Royal Mail supports PROSTATE CANCER UK Delivering first class care for men. BA, BS, GL, TA Mail Centre 15.02.14

Joe Mercer, Remarkable Lives Stamps, Cancel from Cornwall with unusual date 00.00.14


Celebrating the life of Joe Mercer

Joe Mercer dated 00.00.14

Joe Mercer Sheffield

Machine 3 from Cornwall




Sheffield Mail Centre 08.08.14

Yorkshire Grand Depart - Tour de France 2014

Yorkshire Grand Depart, Manchester

Yorkshire Grand Depart Swindon

Manchester Mail Centre 05.07.14

(this was to be for one day only but the second example on Norvic Phialtelics blog shows it was available from Swindon on 03.07.14)

North & West Yorkshire North and West Yorkshire 21.07.14 21.07.14
Lest We Forget Commemorating the First World War 1914-1918 Lest We Forget Cumbria Cumbria Dumfries & Galloway 05.08.14
  Lest We Forget Commemorating The First World War 1914-1918 - Edinburgh 05.08.14 Edinburgh? 05.08.14
Please Remember to use the postcode Please Remember to use the postcode

North West Midlands


Celebrating the Invictus Games, September, 10th-14th 2014

Invictus Exeter 090914

Invictus Medway 120914

Invistus Chester 140913



Exeter 09/Sept/2014




Medway 12/Sept/2014





Chester 13/Sept/2014



Ryder Cup, Gleneagles Scotland, Exeter Mail Centre Ryder Cup Gleneages Exeter 16.09.14
Celebrating the life of Kennerh More, Remarkable Lives Stamps, 1914-1982

Kenneth More, Swindon 140920

Kenneth More Peterborough 140918

Swindon 20/Sept/2014




Peterborough 18/Sept/2014

Joan Littlewood Joan Littlewood Edinburgh Mail Centre Edinburgh 06.10.14
Stroke Stroke manchester 06.12.14 Manchester Mail Centre, 06.12.14
It's Christmas time! Last Posting Dates Last Posting Dates Lancashire Lancashire and South Lakes 11.12.14
Dublin Mails Centre Grow Your Business with Admailer.ie

Dublin Mails Centre Grow Your Business with Admailer.ie

Grow Your Business With Admailer.ie

6 lines





Grow Your Business

Cork Mails Centre 24.10.14

Grow Your Business Cork Mail Centre 24.10.14

8 lines


Dublin Mails Centre Dublin Mails Centre 11.12.14
  Northern Ireland meter marks  
DoE Northern Ireland DoE Ni 31.07.14 31.07.14
Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service NI Blood Transfusion Service 7 Aug 2014
College Square, Belfast College Square Belfast 10.09.14
DSD Department of Social Development Northern Ireland DSD Meter mark 30.09.14
Portadown Co.Armagh Portadown Meter Mark 5.12.14
  C9 Delivered by Royal Mail  
Trust Post C9-10017 Trust Post An Opus Trust Marketing Service 2014

Docmail PPI Delivered by Royal Mail

C9 10034

DocMail C9 Unknown Origin & Date
Tesco Clubcard C9 10002 Tesco Club Card Jun 2014 C Jun 2014
Tesco Bank C9 10002 Tesco Bank TNT Post c9 10002 cJun2014
Secured Mail C9 10057 Secured Mail Aphrohead Ltd C9 c Oct 2014

Standard Life

C9 10002

Standard Life Standard Life Edinburgh, Nov 2014

Family Practitioners Services

C9 10002

Family Practitioners Services Nov 2014


C9 10002

Three Dot Co Dot Uk Received Dec 2014


C9 10023

HSBC C9 10023 Dec 2014
Amazon C9 10001 Amazon C9 10001 Dec 2014
Landscape And Amenity Magazine C9 10031 Landscape And Amenity Magazine C9 10031

Onepost C9 10031

Dec 2014

British Red Cross.

This was delivered as a marketing envelope and contains no PPI. The robin is preprinted on to the envelope.

British Red Cross cNov/Dec 2014
  Other Meter Marks & Other Marks Received  
GPS GPS Colchester 09.09.14
NYS Corporate York NYS Corporate York 18.09.14
St James Square London Meter Mark St James Square London Meter Mark 23.09.14
Transport for London Transport For London Dec 2014 Dec 2014
Royal Mail Small Parcel 09.06.14 Royal Mail Small Parcel 09.06.14


Note, the senders name has been removed.






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