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2012 Stamp Issues

5th Jan 2012 - Olympics and Paralympics Stamp Booklet

Tues 10th Jan 2012 - Roald Dahl

20th January 2012, year of the Dragon, Smilers Sheet.

Thurs 2nd Feb 2012- The House of Windsor

6th February - Diamond Jubilee

Thurs 23rd Feb 2012 - Britons of Distinction

Thurs 8th March 2012 - Classic Locomotives of Scotland

Tuesday 20th March 2012 - Comics

Tuesday 10th April 2012 - UK A-Z Part 2

Tues 15th May 2012 - Great British Fashion

Thurs 31st May 2012 - The Diamond Jubilee

Tues 19th June 2012 - Charles Dickens

Tues 27th July 2012 - Olympic Games Welcome

Wed 29th August 2012 - Paralympic Games Welcome

Thurs 27th Sept 2012 - Olympic & Paralympic Games Memories

Tues 16th Oct 2012 - Dinosaurs

Tues 30th Oct 2012 - Space Science

Tues 6th Nov 2012 - Christmas


Royal Mail, Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II - 6 February 2012,

Diamond Jubilee

Issue Date - 6th February 2012

Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The iconic and official imagery of Her Majesty the Queen is brought together in six new stamps to mark the 60th anniversary of the accession. A Miniature Sheet brings together six portraits of the Queen taken from stamps, coinage and banknotes issued during her reign, including a brand new 1st Class diamond blue Definitive which will replace the gold Definitive in Post Offices during Jubilee Year, and will also be available in counter sheets, stamp books and business sheets. 1st class Large versions will be issued on 4 March.

The Diamond Jubilee ‘Machin’ features Arnold Machin’s iconic image on a blue background that highlights the words ‘Diamond Jubilee’ in iridescent ink. Since it first appeared in 1967 this timeless image has been reproduced on more than 220 billion British Definitive stamps. As well as the Machin image, the sheet also features a special Diamond Jubilee edition of the first stamp of Her Majesty’s reign, featuring the iconic photograph by Dorothy Wildling, first used in 1952.


Issue Products

1st Class Definitive

The Mint Stamps feature some of the best known portraits of the featured Monarchs together with the dates of each one's reign.

Diamond Jubilee Definitive

Miniature Sheet

The Diamond Jubilee Miniature Sheet also brings together the most iconic portraits of the Queen as she appears on coins and banknotes, as well as stamps. Since the Penny black, Royal Mail Definitive stamps have featured an image of the monarch facing to our left. Royal Mint has a different convention as succeeding monarch’s alternate the direction in which they face. Her Majesty the Queen faces to our right on coins. This is why the two Definitive stamps featuring the coin imagery will be the only Definitive stamps where the monarch faces this direction.

Miniature Sheet
Diamond Jubilee Stamp from MS

1st Class - Dorothy Wilding Definitive

The first stamp on the Miniature Sheet has been inspired by the Wilding Definitives first issued in 1952, featuring a photograph taken by Dorothy Wilding and a decorative frame design, inspired by the early frame designs by Edmund Dulac.

Diamond Jubilee Stamp from MS

1st Class - Robert Austin Banknote Portrait

Austin designed the first Bank of England notes to bear the monarch’s head. The engraving was based on a pencil sketch taken from a photographic portrait. The first note, £1, appeared in 1960. Queen Elizabeth II was the first monarch to be depicted on Bank of England notes.

Diamond Jubilee Stamp from MS

1st Class - Harry Eccleston Banknote Portrait

A new series of notes, designed by Harry Eccleston, began to appear in 1971. His portrait of the Queen on the £5 note showed her wearing the robes of the Order of the Garter, as on the subsequent £1 in 1978.

Diamond Jubilee Stamp from MS

1st Class - Mary Gillick Coinage Portrait

Coins with Mary Gillick’s design were first issued in 1953. This image is still used on Maundy Money to this day.

Diamond Jubilee Stamp from MS

1st Class - Arnold Machin Coinage Portrait

First issued in 1968, Machin’s design was created for the new decimal currency, and subsequently provided the basis for the stamp image. The Machin coin image is printed next to the Machin stamp image
in the sheet.

Diamond Jubilee Stamp from MS

1st Class – Diamond Jubilee Machin

The classic Definitive portrait by Arnold Machin issued in a new colour specifically for the Diamond Jubilee Year. It features iridescent ink highlighting the words ‘Diamond Jubilee’.



Business Sheets



Retail Book of 12



Counter Sheets

From 6 February 2012 this new Diamond Jubilee Definitive 12 x 1st Class book will be available and remain so throughout the Queen’s jubilee year thereby replacing the gold Definitive.

Stamp Book Cover
  Stamp Book

On 27 March the 4 x 1st Large book, 1st Large Counter sheet and the 50 x 1st Large Business sheets will be issued.

Image Awaited

The Diamond Jubilee Miniature Sheet Technical Details

Designed by Sedley Place with coin photography by David Burton, the 146 x 74mm miniature sheet is printed by Walsall Security Printing in gravure "with special techniques".The counter sheet stamps are printed in gravure by De La Rue in sheets of 25 or 50. The Business Sheet and Booklet are likely to be printed by Walsall Security Print but this still needs checking. As is usual with recent Machin definitives a different 'source code' will be hidden in the irridescent wording of the stamps in the booklet and business sheet, and possibly that in the gummed miniature sheet.








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