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2013 Events in Northern Ireland


LVPS - Lagan Valley Philatelic Society,

Belfast - Belfast Philatelic Society - Both LVPS and BPS meet at Hillhall Road, beside Elite Blinds at 7:00pm

NIPS - North of Ireland PS, meets at McCracken Memorial Church Hall, Malone Road, Belfast, at 7:00pm

The latest Events:-

ABPS (NI Federation) - 25th October 2011 to 4th Nov, Stamp Exhibition, Bangor Museum, Castle Park, further details here.

NIPS - 11th January 2013, "The Golden Age of Shipping Art" by J. Perrott.

BPS - 18th January 2013. (Cancelled due to Snow)

LVPS - 6th February 2013.

NIPS - 8th February 2013, "Levant", by W. Thompson

Stampex, London, Wed 20th to Sat 23rd Feb 2013.

LVPS - 6th March 2013.

NIPS - 8th March 2013, "Fascist Italy", by D. Sweeney.

BPS - 15th March 2013

LVPS - 3 April 2013

NIPS - 12th April 2013, Chairman's Evening & Entries for Greer Cup competition to be submitted.

BPS - 19th Apr 2013, Members' Night, New Acquisitions.

LVPS - 1st May 2013.

NIPS - 10th May 2013, AGM & Presentation of Greer Cup Entries.

BPS - 17th May 2013, Cup Competition. (Please bring Auction Items for Club Funds)

BPS - 21st June 2013, GB Machine Cancellation Postmarks, Part 3.

BPS - 19th July 2013, Postcard Night.

BPS - 16th August 2013, Thematic Night.

BPS - 20th September 2013, Cinema Night.

BPS - 18th October 2013, Castles of Europe, Alex Wylie.

NIPS - 8th Nov 2013, Great Britain and Ireland by David Sweeney

BPS - 15th November 2013, The Ulster Connection, Part 3, Jim Stothers.

NIPS ANNUAL DINNER at Templeton, 22nd Nov 2013

NIPS - 13th Dec 2013, Irish Postal Stationary, by S.H. Barkley

BPS - 20th December 2013, Australian States (Coves), Bill Murphy.

NIPS - 10th Jan 2014, Members Night, New Acquisitions or on the theme "Legs" - A great opportunity to try a display of 4-6 sheets, ideal for beginners. Why not give it a go if you haven't displayed before.

NIPS - 14th Feb 2014, "Old Glory", by David Currie

NIPS - 14th March 2014, "From clay tablet to email, the evolution of the post box - Part 1" by J.C. Holmes

NIPS - 11th April 2014, Chairman's Display (R. Binnie). And submission of Greer Cup Entries.

NIPS - 9th May 2014, AGM and Display of Greer Cup Entries.

Why not come along to one of these events and find out a bit more about the Society? Contact us at the address below for further details.

Can the local secretaries of the various societies please send us a list of the new events for inclusion in this column?






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