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Travel Surveys

Retail Impact Assessments occasionaly require confirmation of travel time distances to determine catchment areas. In some cases this can be calculated using GHIS Software, CUI offer a check on this data and can use data loggers to determine routes of travel, or drive times from an origin along major travel routes.

Journey Time Surveys

From time to time large computer networks require detailed journey time surveys to provide data for validation of base computer models,. Such surveys can be undertaken by CUI to provide this base data on model vaklidation. For more detailed analysis dataloggers can be used ot provide a record of vehicle routes and journey tinmes, such as for appraisal of vehicle routes for items such as delivery vehicles or bin collections.

Vehicle Occupancy Surveys

Manual roadside surveys can determine the level of car occupancy in order to determine estimate of people trips into vehicle trips for computer analysis. Such survey shave been carried out by CUI to determine the level of car park occupancy for residential, retail and other development types such as car boot sales. Similar technology can also be used to determine use of seat belts or mobile phone use.

Queue Length Surveys

Computer models require validation by both journey time and queue length surveys. CUI can monitor the operation of the junctions to summarise the typical delays or queues on individual approaches to major junctions.

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