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Modal Split Surveys


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RoadSide Interview

Surveys can be undertaken to determine the modal split, car park occupation or Origin, Destination and Vehicle Routes. One method of obtaining this information is to work with teh local Police and carry out roadside interviews under supervision. These can be carried out as a full interview or with postcards posted later for summation of the information.

Modal Split

Modern Transport Assessments and Travel Plans require the input from modal split surveys to determine the mode of travel to different types of development. This information can be prepared by roadside survey or interview survey. This information can be used to examine the alternative travel modes and feed into Travel Plans or Mobility management Plans. CUI can also use this information to provide base data for Travel Co-ordinators.

Origin and Destination Surveys

Number plate matching can be carried out by recording vehicles passing a cordon of reference points. These can be searched and matched to determine an Origin and Destination route for vehicles. Other alternatives exist to collate his information such as the roadside interview survey.

Pedestrian Surveys

Pedestrian Desire lines can dictate the routes used for new footways. These are also useful to determine the use of pedestrian crossings or to justify there introduction at busy junctions. Computer modelling can also use these surveys to determine the frequency that controlled crossings are called.

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