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Impact Assessments

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Traffic Impact Assessments

As part of any major Planning Application it is a normal requirement to request a Transport Impact Assessment to consider the impacts of the proposal on the surrounding travel modes.  Initially this assessment considered only vehicular traffic, however the current guidance expands this to consider all modes of travel.  The impact assessment will consider the base conditions, the traffic generation and distribution.  A suite of modelling software can be used to assess the impact of the proposal on the operation of different types of junctions and networks.

Kevin has over 20 years experience in the preparation of such assessments and before moving to CUI he was responsible for the preparation of Impact Assessments for developments including the proposed Maze national stadium, The approved new stands at Ravenhill Rugby ground, the Waterfront Hall, Major food superstores at Enniskillen, Strabane, Downpatrick, and most of the market towns throughout Northern Ireland.

Kevin was also responsible for the preparation of impact assessments for major residential applications including Thaxton Village, Berkley Hall, Ballantine Gardens and Ballinderry Road in Lisburn.  The new comprehensive village proposals for 1800 new houses around the west of Ballyclare was a series of Transport Assessments that Kevin prepared for this major residential development.


Environmental Impact Assessments

For sensitive developments or those with an impact on all of a neighbourhood it is sometimes a requirement to produce a detailed EIA. Kevin was responsible for the preparation of the EIA for the North Lisburn Feeder Road fort the new road proposals associated with 1800 new houses to North Lisburn.  He has also provided detailed Transport sections for major EIA developments over the last 20 years.  The Transport sections have included proposals for major developers who have subsequently sold on the sites, these have included the J Sainsbury at Sprucefield, the Asda proposals at Enniskillen and the Tesco currently under construction at Downshire Road, Newry.  CUI are happy to provide an overview on the likely EIA issues for your proposal.


Expert Witness

At times it is necessary to take an application through the public forum in an Appeal, public Inquiry or Judicial review.  Kevin first prepared evidence in 1995 for the Forestside Appeal into the realignment of Upper Galwally to allow the Supermac Store to be redeveloped as part of the current Forestside proposals.  At this time he also acted as expert witness into the Planning Inquiry for the St Patrick’s Visitor Centre at Downpatrick.  Since then he has been a strong witness in major residential, retail and mixed use schemes throughout Ireland.  If you have a roads or transport related objection we are happy to meet and discuss your requirements.


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