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Automatic Traffic Counts

ATC data is historically used to gather 24 hour profiles of data, two way flows and vehicle classification. However in urban areas parking can obstruct the collation of the data or the tubes associated with the counters can be vandalised. CUI offer a radar counter that can record the vehicle numbers, classify the flows or provide information on the speeds of traffic. This non-obtrusive equipment can be discretely mounted os as not to alert drivers to the survey. It also required no fixed equipment on the road surface leaving parking and vandalism less likely to impact on the survey results.

Speed Surveys

Hand Held radar guns can be used to provide short duration information on the speeds of traffic on the main road. These can be located to provide quick reference to the vehicle speeds using modern hand held radar guns. Such speeds are suitable for determining sight line requirements or road design speeds for new road infrastructure or developments.

Manual Classified Counts

Detailed Manual Classified Counts can be used to provide full multi-modal data to existing developments or roads. The CUI team are trained to carry out interviews of people to supplement the normal vehicle classification with people movements. Such surveys have been carried out by CUI on behalf of the TRICS Consortium to highlight full vehicle classifications as well as public transportation modes, walking and cycling.

Parking Beat Surveys

Full traffic counts can be carried out at car parks to determine the occupancy of the facility. However a more cost effective alternative is to carry out a parking beat survey with surveyors covering the car park at regular intervals and recording the occupancy of spaces. This can give a regular profile of the use of car parks and can be used to justify the level of parking provided for new or existing developments.

Length of Stay Parking Surveys

A more detailed parking appraisal can be carried out recording the arrival and departure time of vehicles to determine the average length of stay of users at the car park. Such surveys are useful for determining all day car parking or for abuse at private car parks by commuters.

Car Park Monitor

Simple surveys can be undertaken to monitor the use of car parks to determine the availability of spaces or the use of the car park at differing times. Such surveys have been undertaken to determine the shared use of parking spaces for offices during the day and the dual use of restaurants or leisure facilities in the evening.


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